Welcome to Northbrook Middle School Health Fitness

  • Hope Grochmall
  • Leticia Hogeda
  • Cesar Silva
  • Rykan Jones
Materials: NMS HF T-shirt, NMS HF gym shorts, athletic shoes.

Rules and Procedures

  1. Student is expected to be on time (3 minutes to get from one class to another)
  2. Students are expected to bring gym NMS HF shirt, NMS shorts (preferably black shorts if bringing own), and athletic shoes, and fully dress out every day.
    1. Uniforms are $10 for the shirt and $10 for the shorts. Cash only.
    2. You are able to purchase more than one set of clothes if needed.
  3. Student is expected to take gym clothes home to wash at least once a week. Make sure to bring them back after washing.
  4. Student must keep all belongings in their gym locker, which includes backpacks, uniforms, electronic devices, sweaters/ jackets, etc. 
  5. Student is expected to keep their gym locker clean.
  6. Food and gum are not allowed in the gym area or in gym locker.
  7. Electronic devices are not allowed in the gym area unless specifically stated by the Coach.
  8. Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability with maximum effort possible.
  9. Please do not touch any equipment in the gym until the Coach gives instructions to do so.

Locker Room Rules and Procedures

  1. Enter locker room and immediately go to your locker to dress out. (Change before using restroom) You have 5 minutes to dress out and proceed to the gym area and sit in your assigned attendance spot.
  2. No sharing of lockers is permitted. Do NOT give your locker combination to any other students.
  3. Bathrooms are for bathroom use only – do not change in the bathroom stalls.
  4. Wash your hands after using restroom.
  5. Once you leave the locker room you may not go back inside.
  6. See one of the Coaches immediately if you are having problems in the locker room. (lock, locker, other student, etc.)
  7. Locker room is only accessible to you during your PE period. Locker room is locked during classes once all students have exited and only unlocked again at the end of classes when students return to dress out.
  8. Please do not knock, kick, hit, or bang on the locker room doors.
  9. No horseplay in the locker room areas.
  10. No glass bottles are permitted in lockers.
  11. No electronic devices are permitted to be out or used in the locker room.
  12. You are expected to keep your locker clean

Dress Out Procedures

  1. Change directly in front of your locker to prevent your belongings from disappearing.
  2. Do not stand or walk on the benches.
  3. Keep your eyes on your belongings while you are dressing out.
  4. You must wear your own PE clothes. You may not share or borrow clothes from a friend.
  5. No sweaters or jackets permitted for class unless stated by coaches.
  6. You may not wear PE clothes to other classes.
  7. You may bring an extra pair tennis shoes to wear during PE class. You may store these in your locker.  
  8. Please do not wear cleats inside the locker rooms or in gym area.

Grading Guidelines

Student grades are broken down into the following 3 categories:

·         40% - Dressing Out

  • Daily possibility of 100 points
  • 50 points for proper shirt
  • 50 points for proper shorts/ bottoms
  • 0 for not dressing out and Mark/ Demerit

·         40% - Participation

  • Participation grade is based on student effort and the student participating to the best of their ability.
  • Students showing effort in completing conditioning exercises on Tuesdays (Conditioning Day) to the best of their abilities.
  • Students participating appropriately and safely in compliance with Coaches’ instructions.

·         20% Literacy

  • Weekly lessons on varying health topics (hygiene, nutrition, social media, bullying steroids, etc)
  • Student is expected to take notes per Coaches’ instructions.
  • Some notes are turned in while others are kept in a binder/ notebook for later reference.
  • Technology may be used at times during these lessons as instructed by Coaches.

General Weekly Schedule

·         Monday – Sport/ Skill Day

·         Tuesday – Conditioning / Functional Fitness Day

·         Wednesday – Literacy Day

·         Thursday – Sport/ Skill Day

Friday – Fun Friday (if earned throughout the week based on class behavior)