The National Junior Society

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

This is an organization that recognizes middle school students who are outstanding in character, academics, leadership, citizenship, and community service. Eligible students must maintain a 3.0 (85%) average across their classes and be committed to serving our school and surrounding community through regular service.

Students apply and are chosen by a faculty committee. NJHS looks great on college and job applications because it shows the academic ability, community interest, and leadership quality of Northbrook Middle students. Kids from both YESPrep and Northbrook campuses are encouraged to join. Involvement in the group is an amazing way to stay engaged with Northbrook Middle School and make it the best home for all Knights!

Northbrook Middle School’s NJHS chapter is led by Northbrook teachers Ms. Shannon Arnic (8th grade math and algebra) and Ms.  Nia Crosley (8th grade social studies). This year’s students will complete individual and group community service projects, including a weekly recycling program for teachers.

Applications for the 2018-19 cohort of NJHS students will go out September 10, 2018. Students are pre-selected based on their report card and progress report grades, and will receive a letter from the NJHS committee by September 10th. However, all students, even those not pre-selected, are welcome to apply.

For information on the club and how to join as student, please contact Ms. Arnic at