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School Day Comes to Life for Parents at Northbrook Middle School’s Family Engagement Event


In an inspired move to boost communication and collaboration between parents and educators, Northbrook Middle School celebrated a highly successful family engagement day Nov. 9, drawing rave reviews from participants and further emphasizing the school's commitment to student growth and achievement.

Shaped by the enthusiastic support of Principal Bruce Hill, Northbrook Middle’s Family Engagement Day provided parents an opportunity to accompany their children through a typical school day, gaining a detailed view of school life. The experience served as an effective means to connect families with the school and shed light on the extensive support networks in place to aid both students and families.

“This was an incredible opportunity for families to step into their children’s shoes and to better understand the dynamics of the school day,” said Hill. “I firmly believe that forging a strong partnership between school and home is a powerful way to enhance our students' academic and personal success.”

Attendees embraced the details of a typical day at Northbrook. They attended classes alongside their children, interacted with the teaching staff and enjoyed school meals. They experienced firsthand the roles they play in the shaping of their children's education.

The event also served as a meaningful way for educators to learn more about the families they serve. Seeing the deep-seated passion parents have toward involvement in their children's schooling was an inspiration to Hill and his staff.

“We are thinking outside the box when it comes to connecting with our families,” said Hill. “I am proud to see the work today and look forward to doing more to build school-to-home connections.”

Parents in attendance overwhelmingly expressed how they valued the insights gained from the day, and how it provided insight into ways they could bolster academic supports at home. “It is important to be here with my son,” said the parent of an eighth grader. “It’s important for families to show they support the school. This is one way I can do that.”

The students were equally excited to share their hard work and show their families a day in their life as Northbrook Knights.

Northbrook's initiative marked a new way to foster school-family engagement. For principal Hill, it is the foundation for future initiatives designed to nurture a tighter bond between his school and families.

Hill knows that parents and educators working together not only deepens the understanding of the education process but creates a conducive environment where Every Child can excel.

“I am setting the stage for student success,” said Hill. “Experience like today challenge all of us to find new and unique ways to engage families in that success.” 

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